Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Suggestion Box: What Would You Like More of in 2010

Toward the end of last year I posted the Most Popular Posts on the Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Blog for 2009. Throughout the course of the year I’ve written about topics such as how to apply mindfulness to daily life, stress, work, depression, anxiety, OCD, self-esteem, procrastination, perfectionism, sexuality, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, self-acceptance and much more. You’ve seen interviews from leaders in the field such as Jack KornfieldJeff BrantleySharon SalzbergZindel Segal, Sylvia BoorsteinTara BrachFred Luskin and more (stay tuned for an interview with Dr. Dan Siegel).

On Mondays I started “Mondays Mindful Quote” where I posted a quote from leaders such as Thich Nhat HanhPema ChodronMother TeresaHafizRumi, the Dalai Lama, and many more.

Throughout this next year I plan on bringing you more interesting and exciting interviews with leaders, applications of mindfulness as a science, exploration of pertinent quotes, and more practical and do-able applications of mindfulness to the struggles and triumphs we face in this condition we call being human.

Here’s the Question: Now is the beginning of 2010 and I think it’s time I explicitly asked you, “What do you want to see more of? What are you facing in your life that you would like posts written about?”

In the past, readers have written in what they’ve wanted more of and I responded.

Here’s your opportunity, if you feel inhibited, go ahead and reply below anonymously, no problem. Whether you just have one idea or many ideas, go ahead and post it below.

Whether this is your first time here or your thousandth time here, I consider you to be part of the Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Community and value what’s happening in your life and look forward to giving you something to chew on.

Please share your thoughts for 2010 of what you would like to see more of. Your interaction below makes fertile ground for living wisdom we can all benefit from.

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