The Value of Our Mental Troublemakers

Everyone gets hooked in life? You get cut off on the road and instantly fire up with anger. Or maybe someone walks by you and just says something insulting. Or maybe itís the man or woman you live who simply doesnít put things away the way youíd like them to be.

There are lots of troublemakers in this world that really rile us up. What would you say if I told you the moment you noticed tension rising in your shoulders and your face becoming pursed is a moment of opportunity.

Here is a video by a wonderful teacher named Pema Chodron:

We can allow ourselves to be victim to our automatic reactions or we can learn to become aware of them so that we donít become so hooked.

When thoughts come up, we donít have to rise to the bait!

ďIím a failure,Ē ďIíll never get things right,Ē ďToday is going to be awfulĒ need only be mental events that have an emotional charge. They donít need to determine our fate, but instead can teach us about how to gain freedom from the automatic aversions we have in life.

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