How to Bring Love Back into Your Life

Abraham Joshua Heschel said,†ďLife is routine and routine is resistance to wonder.Ē Our brains are set up to make things in life routine and a phrase many of us unfortunately habituate to is ďI love you.Ē

Think about how many times you say goodbye, get off the phone, or leave for work in the morning with a cursory, ďI love you.Ē What was once a meaningful phrase has now become a habit stripped of its intent. So Iím going to propose something to practice that your mind will likely try and dismiss because of some underlying fear or discomfort. Here it isÖ

What would it be like to start your phone call or conversation with the people or person you are closest to with intentionally sharing, ďI love you.Ē

Notice what the next thought is that arises in your mind. Is it a judgment or a thought that you canít do this for some reason or another? Just check on that.

Ask yourself why? Whatís so dangerous or uncomfortable about starting a conversation with a phrase which is likely the phrase you would have wished you said more of later on in life when there is greater wisdom from lifeís experiences.

It may be that saying ďI love youĒ to start off a conversation leaves you vulnerable in some way, so the judgment that arise are trying to keep you safe.

This isnít some Pollyanna, letís all dress up and pretend everything is roses. You would only say this if you really felt that way about the person you were talking to.

The effect Iíve found with people who do this in relationships is that it immediately sets a different and more caring tone for the conversation. If youíre used to having arguments or conflicts and you start the conversation out this way, it creates a different ground for the relationship to be more resilient. The negative thoughts arenít quite as sticky.

You might consider trying this out as an experiment so you can let your experience be your teacher instead of the automatic judgments that arise out of fear. †Itís just worth being curious what the obstacle to love is in our lives as it truly is a major natural healing source.

Share this with your partner or close friend, try it out as an experiment, without expectations of any miracles and see what unfolds. You might just be surprised.

As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interactions create a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

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