Mindful Solutions at Work (Video)

woman with laptopThere is no doubt about it, today’s business is a round-the-clock atmosphere. We are hounded with external pressures, overwhelmed with information overload, asked to deliver more with less, work longer hours, and have less personal time for renewal activities. What is the result?

Self-inflicted attention deficit disorder, exhaustion, lack of focus, reduced health, and burnout. This leads to lower job satisfaction, morale, and productivity. Hardly the results we want.

Did you know that over 50% of the workforce in the US says Job Stress is a major problem in life? This is twice as much as ten years ago. We also have 50% greater healthcare expenditures and corporations are losing over $300 Billion annually because of work-related stress! What’s going on here?

In an age of so much distraction, the old approach of time management at work is being thrown out the window in favor of attention management. Mindfulness is a practical way to get this.  Just think, how has the inability to control attention gotten in the way at work for you (not to mention in your personal relationships)? We’re often spending time worrying about a multiple future projects or dwelling on regrets of past ones. This makes it difficult to really concentrate on a task or another person at work. When we multi-task, we are paying attention to many things and while this may seem like a good thing, we’re actually losing quality, efficiency, and time.

Corporate America has started to take action, with companies like Google, Apple, Aetna, Nexterra, Intel, Twitter, Facebook and many others leading the way integrating mindfulness into the workplace. Many of them are harnessing the power of technology to bring mindfulness to their workforce to help them reduce stress, increase focus and be more productive.

Smartphone applications have come out to help us take advantage of technology to integrate more of this into our daily lives.

For example, if you have an iPhone, you can get many Mindfulness Apps that are available to integrate mindfulness into your life. The Mindful Solutions at Work Program just got released that introduces simple practices to integrate into your day, keeps track of your practices, and even sends email reminders of how you’re doing to help you stay on the path.

Here’s a fun 2 minute video that shows you how this works in daily life.  

One of the major reasons that corporate America is grabbing onto this is because the science is there that backs it up.

Now we can all let our experience be our best teacher. As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interactions create a living wisdom for us all to benefit from. 

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