One Step to Rediscover the Meaning in Your Life (Video)

I often quote the Abraham Joshua Heschel saying: “Life is routine and routine is resistance to wonder.” This quote simply epitomizes how our brains work and why, over time, the things that seemed so interesting or captivating start to lose their luster.

Of course we get disconnected from what matters in life; it’s the way we’re wired. The question is, how do we train our brains to pop out of this auto-pilot and into a space of awareness where the choice points lie to reconnect to what’s most meaningful?

The answer is as close as you can possibly imagine. In fact, it’s right here, right now.  I want to give you something very practical to do during the day that is a practice coined by my dear friend and colleague, Bob Stahl, PhD and is found in The Now Effect: How a Mindful Moment Can Change the Rest of Your Life.

The term is called Mindful Check-In and it’s worth scheduling a least a few times per day as an experiment. People who I have worked with who have taken this seriously have reported a real difference in their stress, ability to focus and sense of compassion toward themselves throughout the day. As we begin to direct our actions more often with our intentions, we’re actually living a more meaningful life.

Here is a guided video of The Mindful Check-in, one of 14 different short guided mindfulness videos woven throughout the book. Give yourself the luxury to just pause for 2 minutes and practice being here for your life:

Again, try and practice this a few times a day as an experiment to break out of your daily routine, just checking in with your mind and body. What do you notice? After practicing this for one week, what comes up for you?

As always, please don’t take my word for it, try this out for yourself to gain insight from your own experience.

Please share your thoughts, questions, and stories below. Your interaction here provides a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

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