Itís Not Enough to Be Compassionate. You Must Act

compassionI received the following Daily Now Moment in my inbox today:

It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.” ~ Dalai Lama

Take some action with compassion today and remember, we are more connected than we know so a small gesture can have ripple effects across a multitude of people.

The recent post ďThe Science Behind Why Everything We Do MattersĒ received widespread attention and thereís a reason for this.

On the deepest level, we all want to believe that what we do matters and in fact it does. Thereís actual science that shows how our acts have ripple effects across many people.

When people are experiencing compassion, the act of putting ourselves in anotherís shoes with the inclination to help in some way, itís associated with feeling good. Thereís a shift in activity to the left prefrontal cortex which is also associated with a host of other positive emotions.

Cultivating the skill of compassion is beneficial to us individually, but as the Dalai Lama says, thatís not enough, ďYou must act.Ē

Hereís how you can start acting on your compassion:†

  1. Prepare– Allow your mind to open and free associate on the question,ďWhat do you care about in this world?Ē
    Is it the planet? People who are struggling to eat? Strengthening your spiritual community? Supporting resiliency in children?
  2. Plan – Research ways to get involved in these causes.
  3. Act – Get involved whether itís just contributing small amounts of money on a regular basis, finding ways to act in accordance with these values in your personal life, or getting involved with an organization that supports the cause.

Thatís it; sometimes life is just that simple.

Your mind may think of 101 reasons that you canít do this right now, but five or ten years from now that older and wiser you would tell you to start now. The wisdom has always been inside you; itís just about tapping into it and listening.

When you get in touch with a sense of purpose in this world, everything around you begins to change.

As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interaction creates a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

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