Need to De-Stress? Build a Wall of Gratitude

Unfortunately, our brains donít seem to be built to pay attention to whatís good in life, but more to what seems urgent or threatening. That makes sense as fundamentally safety and security trump happiness and well-being. However, having our minds roll around in past hurts and regrets of the past or potential catastrophes in the future isnít really keeping us safe nor is it making us happy. It’s more likely stressing us out. Itís a lose, lose. At times itís skillful to grab hold of our minds and incline them in ways that create a reinforcing spiral up to feeling good.

One of those ways is to build a wall of gratitude and hereís how.

Every day I get a Daily Now Moment (DNM) in my inbox and today I received one that said:

Wall of Gratitude – Day†1:

Here we start another week of gratitude, but this time it’s going to be slightly different.

Every time you get this email,†with a single click, reply in the community with what you’re grateful for:

Writing these down will not only support you but by checking back in you can†watch†a communal wall of gratitude grow.

Hereís the method behind this madness.

We need more than just ourselves to make a habit stick. If we want to prime our minds toward happiness, itís skillful to not only intentionally consider what weíre grateful for in our day to day, but also to get inspired by others who are doing the same.

Hereís the kicker.

When you contribute to the wall of gratitude, itís going to inspire others and itís crucial for you to know this because being of service to others, a form of altruism, is one of the greatest factors to our health and well-being.


Because when weíre of service to others we feel connected to something greater than ourselves which studies show is a direct correlate to feeling good.

Go ahead and see what others are saying and also contribute to what youíre grateful for in your life and let the ripple effects follow.

Watch the wall grow and let it continue to inspire more and more of this in your life.

As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interaction creates a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

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