3 Steps to Evolving Valentineís Day: A Day of Connection and Compassion

Itís a dreaded day for some and a joyous for others. Whether we like it or not, Valentineís Day is around the corner. Since the 11th century itís been a time representing romantic love and by the 15th century it was a day to express love with flowers and greeting cards of some kind. But maybe thereís even another evolution that this day can take. Can it be that we can include romantic love but even make this day a day of greater meaning that transcends and includes romantic love?

In my mind itís the case that all people, if not all beings, at the core want to feel like they belong and that theyíre loved.

Why not make Valentineís Day a day for all people in the greater relationship of humanity. This is a day where if youíre in a relationship you can have your romantic version and also a wider Valentine of all humanity, enhancing intimacy and compassion.

Hereís a rich three step Valentine practice for the couple, yourself, and for all people:

  1. Romantic Couple Valentine:
    May you feel loved, May you feel accepted, May you feel free, and May you feel at peace.
  2. Individual Valentine:
    May I feel loved, May I feel accepted, May I feel free, and May I feel at peace.
  3. Everyone as a Valentine:
    May we all feel loved, May we all feel accepted, May we all feel free, and May we all feel at peace.

If youíre part of a couple do this with all three. If youíre not, you can do step one with a good friend in mind.

The meaning of Valentineís Day has evolved through the centuries. We can make this the next evolution of it starting today, deepening intimacy with ourselves, our loved ones and the rest of humanity.

Practice this and see what you notice.

As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interaction creates a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

Reposted from Elisha Goldstein’s Mindfulness Blog on Psychcentral.com

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