The Secret to Taking Stress Out of Holiday Travel (and Making the World a Better Place)

Yes, you know it, I know it, the holidays are coming up. With the holidays comes travel and when there are a lot of people traveling for most of us that’s stressful. It doesn’t matter whether it’s traveling via trains, planes or automobiles we could all use a little help in making this world a better place to move around in. What’s something we can all do that not only reduces travel stress, but also makes the world a better place?

It’s all about learning how to be the “Ambassador of Compassion” and here’s how you do it:

When sitting on a plane, train or automobile, see the “choice point” to consider all the other people on the plane, train or road who are also struggling with being an anxious traveler. Remember, up to 40 percent of people struggle with some form of anxiety about traveling. Be an Ambassador of Compassion, connecting with your heart and saying:

May you feel safe and protected.

May you be at ease.

May you be free from this fear.

May you be happy.

– Mindfulness Meditations for the Anxious Traveler: Quick Exercises to Calm Your Mind

We have to ask ourselves, what would the holidays be like if there were more people being kind to each other while in transit?

Make a commitment throughout the upcoming season to be an “Ambassador of Compassion.” Try this out as an experiment and see how this transforms your stress with traveling.

Don’t just do it for yourself, imagine the ripple effects it will have on others.

As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interaction creates a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

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