Mindfulness in Schools: Building Resiliency in Kids

There’s a wonderful surge that’s happening in the world of mindfulness right now and its movement into the schools with children. When I saw this video of what they are doing in an elementary school in Oakland, California I was blown away.

One of the kids said:

“Before a test, if we’re nervous, we just breathe, calm down and it sends a message to our mind that ‘we can make it!’

Wow, that is powerful.

For quite a while now researchers have been looking at what makes the seeds of resiliency. I couldn’t have found a more picture perfect example than this child’s proclamation. If we can have the messages bubble up in our youth that “We can make it!” We’re in good shape.

Go ahead and watch for yourself.

For more good instruction on mindfulness and children you can check out my interview with Susan Kaiser Greenland.

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