Your Intelligence is Here Inside Your Body

As we grow up in this world there is a tremendous emphasis on importance of being up in our heads to fix, do and achieve. We witness it is in the increasingly competitive environments in pre-school and kindergarten. Last I checked I believe pre-schools are asking for the kids’ resumes (only halfway joking). However, there is an entire body here that is teeming with intelligence that we are often disconnected from. Did you know you have over 100 billion neurons on in your stomach and over 40,000 neurons on your heart? The body speaks to our brain to inform us when we’re imbalanced, what emotions are actually here, and most importantly, what’s happening in our bodies is often a fact, unlike most of our thoughts.

The following is a poem that Bob Stahl (co-author of A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbookand I thought was written by Martha Elliot. Upon further research we could not confirm this and also could not find a single author connected to thsi poem, so we could not include it in our book. But, I will sneak it in here.

Allow yourself to read this over a couple times, perhaps slightly slower than you might normally think to:

Your history is here inside your body.

Your body is your storehouse

Of learnings, feelings,

Thoughts, and experiences.

Only waiting to be invited to

Reveal your treasures to yourself.

Help yourself.

As you let the learning emerge

And take shape, you can

Appreciate the wisdom of the body.

Each cell alive with

Spirit, emotion, and intelligence.

Ready to help you at any moment,

Always with you and for you.

In psychotherapy, there is a growing interest and focus on this body of ours as a means toward health and well-being.

Allow this to be a day where you spend a few moments here and there connecting to the reality of this body.

Right now: Breathe in, notice how your entire body slightly expands, and breathe out notice how the entire body slightly contracts.

As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interaction provides a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

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