Reconnect to the Good in You!

the good in youIs it possible that we hold more good within us than we think? Is it possible that our brains are inclined toward looking for negativity in life and breezing over those aspects that are positive? Most importantly, is it possible that with an awareness of how we are wired, we can transcend these conditionings and recognize more choice in life?

Walt Whitman said:

“I am larger, better than I thought; I did not know I held so much goodness.”

What distracts us from this goodness?

I like talking about this in the form of nutrition. The question is what nutrition are you feeding your mind?

  • News – Many of us spend lots of time watching the news which feeds us a disproportionate amount of stressful and negative information. What often happens is our nervous system perceives this stress as a threat and acts to avoid it and so we fall into zones of distraction or wasted attention in order to avoid these uncomfortable feelings. It’s good to be informed, but the way the news does this is often not healthy for our nervous systems and the amount we digest can also be unhealthy.
  • Popular Media – Popular media can also be bad nutrition.  From the time we are young we are fed the message that unless we look a certain way, act a certain way, and even eat a certain way we don’t belong.  We learn that what is most important is power and money, these two things lead to acceptance and security. What they often lead to for the majority of us is a sense of unworthiness that clouds over our natural goodness as human beings. There is a place for entertainment and learning in the popular media and these are good things, but we need to look at the subtle messages and see how much we’re digesting.
  • Friends and Family – You may or may not find this to make the list. The people we surround ourselves with can also be healthy or unhealthy. With people I work with I’ll sometimes have them draw a social map where they mark themselves and then note people who they spend most time with closest to them and fan those in their lives out from there. I then ask them to mark who in their life are most supportive to them. What often happens is the most supportive people are on the outskirts of the map and sometimes the unhealthiest people are close to them, meaning they’re spending most of their time with them. We work on changing the map so they’re spending more time with those that support their goodness.

Actual food, exercise and sleep play a role in the nutrition of our lives in lighting up the parts of our brain that get us in touch with our natural goodness. You know this because often they make us feel good.

What are things that get you in touch with your innate goodness in life?

Please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interaction really does create a living wisdom that we all benefit from.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowsky, available under a Creative Commons attribution license.

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One Response to “Reconnect to the Good in You!”

  1. Jamee says:

    friendships bring me back. when i think about all the great friends that i actually do have when my mind is clouded by thinking i dont, i think about the people who support me, and always have my back. who would fight for me. potentially take a bullet.