How Do You Generate Gratitude? Watch the Unfolding of Life (Video)

The experience of gratitude has now been well researched and documented as something that is good for our health and well-being. But more importantly, with any of experience gratitude, we experience health and well-being and that has to be the most important indicator to generate this in our daily lives.

Perhaps it’s because when we feel grateful, it immediately creates this experience of connection. If we’re grateful for something that has to do with ourselves, we’re connecting to something internally (health, body working, joy), if it has to do with something outside of ourselves, we’re connecting to something externally (e.g. nature, people, higher power).

At a recent TEDx Conference in San Francisco, Blacklight Films founder, Louie Schwartzberg shows us how if we pause and pay attention, gratitude will naturally arise. Watch this:

I guess the first thing I’m grateful for is the technology to slow time down like this so I can see life unfolding in this way. But when I come to think about it, bringing mindfulness to the various areas of life allows me to slow time down. Maybe I don’t have 24 hours to sit in front of a flower and watch it unfold, but I am able to tune into many parts of life that I wasn’t noticing before because I was so caught up in the stories of my mind.

What is something today that you can choose to intentionally attend to and watch the experience unfold?

  • Maybe it’s taking a moment to lie down and just watch the clouds floating by in the sky.
  • Maybe it’s choosing to just attend to the sensations of the water flowing on your skin in the shower.
  • Maybe it’s bringing your full attention to someone and listening.

Or maybe it’s recognizing that like all things we aren’t permanent and for the first time in a long time we start paying attention to our lives unfolding.

Let us know what you choose to pay attention to today.

As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interaction creates a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

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