30 Seconds to a More Mindful Life

I want to share with you something that is simple and short. If you’ve been around in this world long, you’ve come to know that, for most of us, making change isn’t easy. Most of us don’t live in communities that are aspiring to support us with our highest aspirations. That’s why we need support, some kind of reminders that can help us tap into being more mindful and re-minding us of what truly matters.

I woke up this morning and in my inbox was my Daily Now Moment called “Elementary Advice.” I have to say, I really enjoy these, what a treat to receive them and get to take it in as a reminder to drop into mindfulness and into what really matters.

Here is the one I received today that I wanted to share with you:

In practicing mindfulness one fourth grader said:

” ‘Before a test, if I’m nervous, I just breathe, calm down, and it sends a message to my mind that I can make it!’ Even in the face of adversity, the positive feelings of calm and hope naturally arose. This is The Now Effect in action.”

~ From the “Seeds of Resiliency” chapter in The Now Effect (p.130)

If you find it useful, refer back to the STOP practice as you begin to face moments of adversity.

This takes all of a 30 seconds to read and perhaps an extra minute or so if you’d like to drop int a practice (which I highly recommend). You can calm your nervous system, regain capacity of your entire brain, become more flexible in your decision making, and feel better.

A good question is what would the hours, days, weeks and months ahead be like for you if you had more mindful support in your life?

There are other ways to put supports in your environment. You can put up signs in your work environment, put reminders in your phone, find a like-minded friend and make a verbal contract to support one another in being more present to life. Or maybe actually join a community in your area or virtually that primes your mind toward what matters to you.

The Daily Now Moments are available as a free resource in The Now Effect Community to support you along this life’s journey at work and at home. Enjoy!

What other resources are supportive to you?

Your interaction, thoughts and questions below provide a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

Reposted from Elisha Goldstein’s Mindfulness Blog on Psychcentral.com

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