Results: The Wall of Gratitude

Recently I wrote a blog titled Need to De-stress? Build Your Wall of Gratitude and people started posting all kinds of things they’re grateful for. Another wonderful 30 second practice in the day is to look at a wall of gratitude, so I’ve compiled a number of the responses and you’ll find them below. Consider how the responses below come from people who are just like you, wanting the same fundamentals of belonging, feeling understood and cared about.

Take a few deep breaths and notice what it’s like to witness the gratitude of the human spirit.

Lisa: My health, the ability to run, my school and all the amazing people Ive met there who have had a positive effect on my life. Living in San Diego, near the bay and the beauty that surrounds me.

Michelle: I have wonderful health that I am grateful for. My beautiful dog who makes me smile. I am blessed with an amazing father who is with me every day in my heart in the five years since he passed away. My loving, sweet, kind, gorgeous boyfriend who I am blessed to share my life with. My family is healthy and many are nearby. Just a start…thanks!

Tids: The fact that I am here at all.

Linda: I am grateful for my body, even though it hurts all the time..I am grateful for my meditation practice and all the new teachers that have come into my life.

Andrew: My therapist!

Jennifer: I am grateful for my husband and my children, the spouses they have chosen to be my new children, and my precious granddaughter.

Maria: I am grateful to have found this mindfulness training this past year. It is really helping already with the holidays. I’m remembering to STOP more often and focus on my breathing. Thank you, Thank you! :)

Susan: That I can be awed by nature’s breathtaking beauty – large and small – from the ocean sparkling around Diamond Head to the glistening rain water on individual leaves.

Helen: That I live in a country that helps me care for my two disabled daughters and with people who accept them as they are. :)

Anne: What I am grateful for is being a sensitive person. Used to feel that it was a curse. Now I feel it’s a blessing.

Terry: that i can pause at any time of the day place both hands over my heart and wish myself well and mean it!!!!

Andra: I am grateful for being alive. I have a family, friends, health, a home. I am in need of nothing. I am able to communicate, to be aware, to feel.

Jennifer: Elisha thank you for asking this question. There is so much in my life that I am grateful for….I wake everyday with a chance to see my daughters grow and learn. I work with some of the most courageous people I know. I am truly loved. I have a healthy body that walks me through my life in a rich way and a mind that is curious to stay mindfully present while I walk. When I am truly living NOW…there is nothing to NOT be grateful for! This kind of presence is a gift…that we ultimately give ourselves…but that has become attainable to us because of people like yourself…let’s start with gratitude for that!

Just because have an automatic negativity bias doesn’t mean that’s destiny.

Keep the practice alive continue to comment on The Wall of Gratitude about what you’re grateful for. Make it a daily practice that move through Thanksigiving and just becomes a part of your life.

The results could be life changing.

As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below. Your interaction creates a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

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